Thursday, 3 September 2009

The Howls of Wonky Donkey

Last night at 6:30pm Rob (The Mad Hammer), Andrew (Inclinometer Guy), Dave (Stake Man) and I (Tape girl) met at Birches Valley to flag out the control points of a new section of trail we’re planning.

When we were trekking through fir trees, bracken, heathers and brambles we noticed that we weren’t going to need our torches because it was a full moon. And guess what Rob did… he started howling witch started me off (so sorry if you were walking through the forest and heard howls last night) and I started creeping in the bracken and fir trees pretending I was a ware wolf. Soon it got dark and we headed off back across the fire road and back into Birches when we got to the compound we saw that the lights were on and I said “It would be funny if it was a rabbit” and it was. I helped Rob open the container and helped him close it again and then we set off home.

Charlotte (aged 10)

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