Sunday, 23 August 2009

Rock & Roll (Trail building Sunday 23rd August)

Whilst the other regulars headed off up to fettle the Monkey, Alex, Rob, Steve and myself donned safety shoes and pondered over the massive pile of rocks destined to push the Monkey further up the technical tree. If you’ve been in Rainbow valley over the weekend, you couldn’t have missed the pile – 60 tonnes of prime Derbyshire gritstone

The task in hand was to find and mark stones suitable for the entrance – several smooth flat slabs and ones to become the launch ramps for the jumps. The rest will be used to armour the gullies and corners ….. full suspension highly recommended.

Whilst Alex and Steve levered rocks around and I occupied myself laying out some crazy paving destined for the end of the new causeway bridge, Rob sat on a rock nursing his hangover. He’d been to a friend’s wedding the previous day - his downfall being the free bar!

After finishing our game of super sized marbles, we headed up the hill to help the others.


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