Sunday, 9 August 2009

Monkeying Around with Peter Rabbit (Trail building Sunday 9th August)

A good turnout today … maybe something to do with the fact that the sun had got it’s hat on! Alex, Bruce, Dale and Josh, Dave and family, Jez and his good lady, Martin, Rob, Steve and myself making 14 in total.

Martin and Steve had some unfinished business and quickly jumped in the Landrover and went off to build fences.

The rest of us headed up to the “Monkey” to tweak a couple of the corners at the start. The ideal profile for a climbing switchback is to climb up to a flat platform on which you turn and then climb out.

One corner required a fair bit of work with material dug from exit being used to level the turning area. It also required widening otherwise the only way to make the corner would have been to hop the back end around …. OK if you’re Daniel Macaskill.

Whilst shaping another corner, I had a nasty surprise … my foot broke through into a rabbit burrow leaving me up to the knee in sand. Luckily, Peter and his mates didn’t appear to be at home but there was no way I was going to put my hand down the make sure. The burrow went diagonally across the trail so after we’ve confirmed it’s abandoned, we’ll need to fill it in ….. ‘Caddyshack’ springs to mind!

The children had decided that building MTB trails was boring so made themselves a toboggan run. It’s a good job they didn’t try it out as there was a nasty looking stump part way down. Now that would have brought tears to their eyes!

To finish the day off, Rob and myself pondered how to pin the tail on the Monkey or in more technical terms, how to join the existing trail to the new climb linking the Monkey into Phase 2. After a test ride and much head scratching, we agreed on a plan which should get built at next weekend’s Big Build Day (depending on turn out).


Don't forget, big build day next week, Sunday 16th August, Swinnerton Cycles Forest Centre 10am.

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