Sunday, 16 August 2009

Happy Days Are Here Again (Big Build Day, Sunday 16th August)

As 10 o'clock approached we didn't have many volunteers but they soon started to appear (volunteer trailbuilders are easy to spot as they walk towards the bike shop without bikes and often carrying a spade!). Before we knew it we had nearly 50 including many coming trail building for the first time, another great turnout.

We were working on the Red Monkey with the intention of finishing what we started at the last big build. It wasn't long before we had run out of trail and moving down the hill to connect up the existing trail to the previously built black climb.

As the signal was given that lunch was served, I took the opportunity to lead a guided walk down the existing trail to show people what they had to look forward to. Some of the trail is a bit tricky to walk but I assured everyone it is much easier on two wheels. Lynsey christened several new roots with 'evil' status and returned visits were planned.

Over lunch I chatted to several folk about 'Phase 2' and anyone who asked was given a brief glance at the top secret map! [There is no map - we just gave it to Rob to make him feel important - Ed]. Most of us really enjoy talking about the work we do so if you ever want to know anything shout up and we'll have a chat.

When the 'kettle genny' was knocked off and the peace restored we held our customary raffle with 1st prize, a pair of exclusive Chase Trails engraved lock on grips, being won by new volunteer, but trail building veteran, Steve. It's cool to think that some Chase Trails merchandise (and memories?) will be heading back across the pond and finding a new home in New York. It was also great to chat to Steve and discuss the different approaches to trail building and riding experiences. I know we complain about the British weather but at least we don't have to worry about 'Hunting Season'!

After lunch we returned to what trail we had left to build. We started a new corner but quickly had second thoughts and reverted back to plan A (the pine needles will soon cover up the evidence). With so many people staying for the duration we were soon finished and heading out into the sun.

Back at Birches I enjoyed ice cream with Abby and Ian before taking down the posters and the day was done.

Oh yeah, I rode the monkey on the way home , I think it would have been rude not to, happy days...


Big Build Day Competition
We really want your feedback on your Big Build Day experiences, good or bad (we'll edit them anyway!!). Maybe write a short mini-blog about your day or about something entertaining that happened, be creative and you might win a prize. Post your thoughts as a comment to this message. Alternatively if you have feed back for us that you don't want to share with the world then you can send us a message via the Chase Trail website.

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  1. With so many folks away on holiday or enjoying a brief spell of summer sun on the bikes it was great that so many volunteers came along. Panic set in with the catering team and Andy the bread man was dispatched to stock up on more supplies to keep hungry beards fed.

    Forget all this tosh about new monkey trails, the sledge trail is where it's at. The now regular junior trail builders, headed up by Charlotte, set to work on their own little project which is going to involve extreme, black graded trails for sledges come winter. Whether we'll ever see enough snow in these dense trees remains to be seen but it's great to see the enthusiasm the young ones were putting into their work including Josh 'let's put a jump in' Laywood and Abi 'I want a bigger spade' Tite.

    As ever the children brought some order to the lunchtime prize draw even if Snakebite won yet another prize), judging by the activity around the food tent they also gave the tray of cakes and biscuits some stick.