Sunday, 12 July 2009

The Monkey has put his hat on… (Big Build Day, Sunday 12th July)

Don’t you just love it when the weather forecast is wrong. Heavy rain showers were predicted but the majority of the day we had clear blue skies and the sun was out to play.

Our Big Build Day started with counting tools and loading up the trailer. Charlotte and Jessica seem to love counting everything that left the container and writing everything on the white board. Unfortunately at the end of the day our young helpers weren’t around and we discovered that Alex’s counting skills were a little lacking!

The trail (when we managed to find it!) was marked out with yellow flag and everyone was soon happily bench cutting new trail into the monkey hillside. The Grimey Lymies were again out in force and managed to find loads of stumps and roots to get their teeth into. Big Build Day regulars will have found out that working near the Grimey Lymies has the added incentive of delicious home made cake, on this occasion squashed ginger was the speciality. Just before lunch Paul test rode the newly built trail but seemed to miscalculate the location of a couple of trees and ended up also checking the trail falls zones. Tough work but someone had to do it!

Dale and Sharon were away on Holiday this month so the rest of the Chase Trails regulars pitched in to provide the food. Everything tasted great especially when eaten outside after a mornings hard work although perhaps best if we don’t let Bruce use his food processor next month! Food was followed by the raffle featuring exclusive Chase Trails lock-on grips and some brand new Chase Trails / Follow the Dog chain stay protectors. If you weren’t lucky enough to win, the chain stay protectors can be bought from Swinnertons with a cut of the profits going to Chase Trails.

In the afternoon we moved on along the trail and continued building until home time. Once out of the trees you really felt how warm the sun had been and we finished the day sitting on the fireroad in the sun drinking the ‘ice packs’. Hip-hip-hip-hooray.

Date for your diaries, next big build day, Sunday 16th August.


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