Thursday, 23 July 2009

Knock, Knock, Who’s There

A slight change from the normal midweek planning session this week as we started knocking in the foundations for some of the woodwork on Phase 2. Andrew and myself had made a good start on Tuesday evening and tonight with Alex’s help we made really good progress.

The ‘science’ behind post knocking is pretty simple, take a post, cover it with a post knocker and then lift said knocker up and down until you have bashed the post to required depth. Despite this simplicity, it is amazing the variety of approaches and techniques that can be applied, for example do you go solo or in pairs, frequent small knocks or less regular large ones? Andrew and myself went for the paired approach, a good rhythm is essential here, (from previous experience some people just don’t seem to work together and end up wasting a lot of effort), we went slow and steady and worked thought the posts in fairly efficiently. Alex on the other hand went solo and employed a fast and furious approach. This seemed quite effective at first but he soon wore himself out and started complaining about sore wrists, but at least it didn’t rain on him!

We also founded a new unit of measurement, ‘the rake’, this was scientifically calibrated to Chase Trails standards and will no doubt be adopted world wide in the fullness of time. Sub units ‘the short rake’ and ‘the long rake’ were also pioneered. We also measured everything in ‘conventional’ units, Andrew using his own special method for noting all the dimensions (was than the diagonal distance between post 7 & 13 we just measured???). All got a bit confusing for me and much head scratching ensued but maybe this was because we had all just been bitten alive?


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