Thursday, 30 July 2009

Billy No Mates

Me thinks I need to shower more often or buy stronger deodorant or maybe not organise a mid week planning session when everyone else is off enjoying themselves elsewhere. That said, trails won’t plan themselves but at least there was no one to disagree with my choice of line …. and for once, it wasn’t raining!.

To keep myself amused, I spent a couple of hours mooching around looking for “control points”. Control points are any features, be they good or bad, that we may want to steer the trail to or around. A good control point could be a steep slope for a jump, a natural step for a drop-off, particularly evil roots or a “bomb hole”. Bad ones include archaeological features, busy bridle paths, badger sets and boggy areas (but these may become good ones for woodwork). The control point are marked on our map and then it becomes a game of “join the dots”.

Gary, out for a ride, had heard me hacking through the undergrowth so he stopped for a quick chat about what we were aiming to achieve and where we were planning to go. After making a few suggestions, he headed off home to feed the dogs. I, too, had a home to go to so left the bunnies to do what bunnies do in peace.

So, If you’re ever out and see folk wandering around aimlessly in the murky depths of the forest, it’s probably us trail builders. We’re not really lost …. we’re searching for those illusive control points!


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