Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Become a Member of Chase Trails

There are many ways that you can help put something into the trails you ride, one of the ways is to become a member of Chase Trails. ALL the money goes straight into the trails by buying the tools and materials needed to build and maintain the trails. But, more importantly, there are some really good benefits from becoming a member.

What it means to Chase trails:
Each membership will build about 1 metre of trail - Though it doesn't sound much, every metre counts!
The more members we have, the more influence we have, and the more influence we have, the more trails we can build and the better the trails can be!

What it means to you;
For those with limited time to come and help build the trails, this is a fab way of putting something back into the trails you ride
A bi-montly newsletter of our activities and future events
Exclusive Chase Trails Stickers
A set of Miniature Trail Sign Coasters based on those on Follow the Dog
Discounts on Chase Trails Merchandise and Clothing
Complimentary Tea and Coffee from Swinnerton Cycles Forest Centre
10% discount on Clothing and Accessories from Swinnerton Cycles Forest Centre

You get all this for only £12 a year...
Thats £1 a month...
Thats about 3p a day!

You can't afford not to become a member!

Visit for more information and an application form.

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