Monday, 29 June 2009

Trail Building - Sunday 28th June

More Mystery - The finishing touches to the trail surfacing were completed to Section M on Phase II today. All that needs doing now is the woodwork!

A big thanks to the four riders who interupted their ride for a few minutes to cart a couple of barrows of surfacing today. I didn't get the names of the first two gents (many apologies) as my brain wasn't in gear, but Clive and Daniel were a little surprised by my Paparazzi style photography ... thank you all for your time gents, i hope to see you all at the big build day!

Alex broke the whacker plate - but nothing a quick bodge won't fix until we get some spare parts.

We had a couple of cheeky riders on the trail - but they helped build it and weren't going to do much damage ;) - and it was all in the name of trail testing - Charlotte's shiny new Trek looked just the ticket for the trail and Dave's GT is now more bling than a Rap stars' dentistry!

While everyone was busy, i took a little walk to another section of Phase II to check it out...

We've promised proper black sections on Phase II - and we have got proper black sections - i reckon they may even be more Black than some of the Black sections at Welsh and Scottish trail centres! The downs are going to be so worth the climbs!

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