Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Trail Building - Sunday 24th May 2009

We were a little short on the ground this Sunday - mainly because everyone was over on Stile Cop with Racers Guild. Still, we only need one or two to make a difference.

The old Section 8 is now no longer part of Follow The Dog. Since the trees were felled some years ago and new section 8 was built, this short section never really held the appeal of the rest of the trail. The trail will be there to be used for a while but it won't be maintained any longer.

We also started digging a link on another section to create a new start... watch this space for previews.

Phase II continues at a fair old pace! Nearly all the sections have been planned and are ready to be dug! Hugh Clixby will be back very soon to carry on where he finished.

Talking of digging - The next Big Build Day is on June the 7th - Don't forget to come along for a day of trail building a barbecue and prizes!


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