Sunday, 10 November 2013

End of an era - no more posts on this blog but ...

This blog has been running since May 2009 documenting all our hard work to bring you the trails that everyone loves riding but now that we've incorporated it into our shiny new website, we won't be updating this site any more.

We'll keep the site going as an archive so if you want to see how the volunteers have aged or what we've been up to over the years, it's all here.

To keep tabs on our current and future antics, check out the blog page on our website here.

Thanks for all your comments over the last 4 years.


New Chase Trails website

Chase Trails now has a brand new and much improved website giving far more information than our old one. It's at the same address, as before and now incorporates this blog, our Facebook page and Tweeter feed.

Check them out when you get time ....


Sunday, 25 August 2013

One hell of a pile of rocks

Oh! My pry bar is twitching already...... Oh sorry, am I not supposed to say that? The latest delivery to Chase Trails. We won't be giving a prize for selection of parking spot, but there won't be any complaints either. So where is it going? Don't worry yourself about that, you'll find out in the next few weeks! As you can see from William lending his presence to give an idea of scale, these are no small stones. They come from the same origins as the rocks on the Stegosaurs , and yes, we will be getting more with the passage of time. We can find plenty of uses for nice gritstone like this.

But in the mean time.....

A skeleton crew was out on Sunday giving the Lower Cliff section some pruning. The last part of the run through the clear fell area is still to be completed from about two switchbacks from the end. You can expect Lower Cliff to be shut at some stage in the near future, for just one Sunday, whilst we repair the edge that has broken away. We'll probably elevate the edge by about 5 foot, with a spring loaded lip, so if you get it wrong, we get some film of you going head first into that smelly pool at the foot of the hill - call it trail builder amusement! We like a good laugh occasionally....


Saturday, 10 August 2013

"Twist & Shout" now fully open

After our usual Saturday ride, Dave and I nipped into "Twist & Shout" to check out the condition of the new surface. Between the teenagers from the Shugborough Outdoor Education Centre and last Thursday's mid-week building session, nearly 150 metres of trail had been resurfaced. The last few days of dry weather had done the new material a world of good so we've took the decision to open the section.
This now means all of our trails are fully open .... good news all round.

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

"Twist & Shout" Resurfacing

As part of the government funded National Citizen Service Award Scheme, 46 young volunteers from Shugborough Outdoor Education Centre helped resurface over 100 metres of worn out trail on "Twist & Shout", the first section of Follow the Dog. Considering the inclement weather, this was an excellent achievement. The youngsters aged between 15 and 18 worked for four hours in the pouring rain only breaking for lunch. The existing trail was broken up, new material barrowed into place then raked and wackered flat.

Unfortunately, due to the saturated ground and surfacing material, we’ve had to leave the first part of the trail closed. After all, we don’t want to wreck the volunteer’s hard work. Following an inspect during the coming week, a decision will be made on when we’ll reopen it so until then, please follow the short diversion – thanks for your understanding.